Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Supporting the broad community
of high-energy-density researchers

The Jupiter Laser Facility is an institutional user facility  in the Physical and Life Sciences Directorate  at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL). The facility is designed to provide a high degree of experimental flexibility and high laser shot rates, and to allow direct user operation of experiments.

The Jupiter Laser Facility’s missions are to support lab-wide research pertinent to LLNL programs (e.g., High Energy Density Science ), to promote collaborations with research institutions and universities, and to provide a stimulating environment for the training of young scientists with a special emphasis on the National Ignition Facility  (NIF).

Jupiter Laser Facility Director
Robert Cauble

The Jupiter Laser Facility continues its stated mission to provide world-class support to the broad community of High-Energy-Density science researchers.

Here you will find general information regarding JLF as well as details specific to facility researchers and the science they have achieved.