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The Jupiter Laser Facility (JLF) is a unique laser user facility for research in High Energy Density science. Its three diverse laser platforms offer researchers a wide range of capabilities to produce and explore states of matter under extreme conditions of high density, pressure, and temperature.

A collage of the laser platforms.

Titan is a dual-beam platform with a nanosecond, kJ long-pulse beam and a femtosecond, petawatt short-pulse beam derived from a neodymium-glass laser system. Janus is also based on the same neodymium-glass laser system but configured for operation with two nanosecond, kJ beams. COMET is a neodymium-glass laser system designed for the generation of laboratory X-ray lasers.

On this tour, you will visit the Janus Laser Bay (the heart of the Janus and Titan), and the Janus, COMET, and Titan areas where LLNL as well as external scientific users perform hands-on operations of experiments.

If you have 1–3 people, please contact Elaine Johnson directly at 925-423-2655. For groups larger than 3, please fill out the tour request form and email it to johnson330 [at]