Titan is a two-beam laser platform. The nanosecond "long-pulse" beam is one of the Janus lasers, up to 1 kJ at 1.053 μm. The "short-pulse" beam is 1-to-10 ps and energies up to 250 J, depending on pulse duration. With a minimum pulse width of a few μm, intensities of 1021 W/cm2 and a contrast of 10-5 are typical. The beams can be used together or independently.

Titan Laser Facility

3D Views of Target Chamber

First download appropriate software (PC or Mac) installer below, then click on link for "3D Titan Target Chamber Views."

PC - 3D Image Software Installer
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Mac - 3D Image Software Installer
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3D Titan Target Chamber Views
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Titan Target Chamber Port Locations
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Titan Room Layout
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Titan TC Split Beam 62 Degree
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