Participant Registration Procedure

  • Under The "Safety" banner in the JLF Website "Policies and Procedures" Section:
    1. Complete Laser Eye Examination.
    2. Complete in LTRAIN HS5200-W Laser Safety.
    3. Complete in LTRAIN HS4258-W Beryllium (Be) Awareness.
    4. Complete in LTRAIN HS4261-W Lead (Pb) Awareness.
    5. Complete in LTRAIN HS5229-W Electrical Safety Awareness.
    6. Complete in LTRAIN HS-6001-W General Employee Radiological Training.
    7. Complete in LTRAIN HS-4240-W Chemical Safety.
    8. Complete in LTRAIN HS-4680-W PPE.
    9. Read and sign the appropriate IWS (#12639 for Titan/Janus/Callisto/COMET and Europa).
    10. Read and sign any IWS specific to your experiment.
  • For non-DOE employees, obtain appropriate status from LLNL (Participating Scientist Professional, Academic Cooperation Program, etc.).
  • Print and fill out a JLF Participant Registration Form.
  • Contact johnson330 [at] (Elaine Johnson) to arrange for a JLF Policy Briefing (1 hour) and a Safety Orientation (45 mins.)