Designated Team Leader

  • Each user project is coordinated by a Designated Team Leader (DTL) who may also be the Principal Investigator (PI).

  • The DTL must provide details of all equipment, including hazardous and radioactive materials, to be brought on-site during an experiment. The DTL must complete any required Integration Work Sheet (IWS) prior to the experiment.

  • The DTL will provide all necessary guidance and supervision to his/her experimental team.

  • It is the responsibility of the DTL to ensure that:

    1. Team members have the proper scientific/technical qualifications to perform their assigned tasks.

    2. Team members who are not LLNL employees have been granted the appropriate status by LLNL.

    3. Team members have a clear understanding of potential hazards associated with the experiment.

    4. Team members are in full compliance with LLNL safety and computer security regulations and procedures.

    5. It is recommended that if the DTL is not a LLNL employee, a LLNL employee is included in the experimental team.