JLF Highlights

Scientists put additive manufactured foams to the test

Newsline Article 5/25/21

DOE awards $18 million to LaserNetUS consortium

Newsline Article 10/28/20

NIF-JLF User Group 2020 Meeting

NIF Video 3/11/20

Summer scholar reels in 'STRIPED FISH' for NIF

Newsline Article 10/22/19

NIF and JLF user groups meet to discuss recent experiments, new capabilities

Newsline Article 3/20/19

DOE looks to Jupiter for high-intensity research

Newsline Article 10/30/18

Summer scholars learn value of team science

Newsline Article 8/17/18

Fast heat flows in warm dense aluminum

Newsline Article 8/31/17

Janus Laser Furthers Planetary Defense Research

Lasers Shed Light on the Universe's Most Luminous Events

LLNL Science & Technology Review April/May 2016

New paper examines hydrogen at high pressure

Newsline Article 4/5/16

Researchers reveal new electron ring formations

Newsline Article 08/11/15

Lawrence Livermore scientists move one step closer to mimicking gamma-ray bursts

Newsline Article 5/27/15

Betatron X Rays Bring Focus to a Very Small, Very Fast World

LLNL Science & Technology Review January/February 2014

Lawrence Livermore researchers demonstrate high-energy betatron X-rays

Newsline Article 12/17/13

Paper explores new regimes in fast ignition

Newsline Article 10/4/12

Putting the squeeze on planets outside our solar system

Newsline Article 2/10/12

Diamond experiments yield hard results

Newsline Article 1/29/10

Mass-Producing Positrons

LLNL Science & Technology Review July/August 2009

Squeezing out information about 'super Earth' planets

Newsline Article 8/22/08

Titan Leads the Way in Laser-Matter Science

LLNL Science & Technology Review January/February 2007

Taking pulse of new Titan

Newsline Article 10/21/05

Laboratory team's research points to a new method for making super hard materials

Newsline Article 9/23/05

ReNOVAted laser enables new research

Newsline Article 6/17/05