JLF Conduct of Operations

The Conduct of Operations is a set of procedures and guidelines that are put in place to ensure operational safety and security for users and staff.

The Target Areas contain a variety of potentially hazardous ultra-violet, visible and infrared lasers. Due to the complexity and scale of the laser beam paths, some beams are not enclosed. Accordingly, reliance is placed on engineering and administrative controls, and the proper use of laser protective eyewear.

Other potential hazards in the Target Areas may include ionizing radiation, high voltage, inert gases, high pressure gases, possibility of fire, and mechanical and electrical failures.

Guidance and advice on LLNL safety procedures and hazard control can be obtained from Sean Holte, Hazards Control Environmental Safety & Health (ES&H) Team 2.

Normal Operating Procedures:

  1. Only persons who are registered as participants with approval by the JLF Operations Manager and the JLF Director are permitted to participate in Facility activities. The complete registration requirements can be found at Participant Registration Procedure.

  2. Approval to perform an experiment in the JLF must be obtained from the Operations Manager and the Director prior to the commencement of the experiment.

  3. All approved scientific and technical work must be performed as scheduled in the JLF Calendar. For each experiment, only persons approved in the Experimental Team Registration are permitted to participate. The Registration is posted in each Target Area.

  4. Each experiment is supervised by a Designated Team Leader (DTL) or a designated Alternative DTL.

  5. The DTL or the Alt-DTL must ensure that the number of persons in the Target Area is kept to a minimum and that each member of the research team conducts themselves in a safe manner. The DTL or Alt-DTL also ensures proper protective laser eyewear is worn continuously by all persons in the Target Area while the laser beam hazard is present.

  6. The DTL works closely with the Room Responsible Individual (RRI). The RRI is a JLF staff member assigned to the Target Area. The RRI ensures that operations in the Target Area are safe and secure.
  7. Student Visitors must work under line-of-sight supervision by the DTL, Alt-DTL, or a designated supervisor unless they have been granted exemption by Jupiter Laser Facility Operations.

  8. Only the Target Area Key Holder may request high-power laser shots into the Target Areas. In general, the Key Holder will be the Target Area RRI.

  9. All Target Areas must be evacuated before high-power shots are fired. Only the Key Holder will conduct a sweep and enable the shot.