Publication Policy

Publication of work performed at JLF

JLF encourages dissemination of results of experiments performed at the Facility. Vehicles for the publication may include:

  • Journal articles
  • Conference proceedings articles
  • Books or book chapters
  • Technical reports
  • Dissertations
  • Published patents
  • Published abstracts
  • Invited or contributed talks
  • Popular articles
  • Press reports

The decision whether to publish and in what form(s) is the responsibility of the Principal Investigator and/or the experiment team leader. In all publications, it is JLF policy that the list of authors include all persons who contributed significantly to the result under discussion. It is not expected that personnel who had minor participation in or facilitated the experiment be included as authors. In particular, it is not expected that JLF staff be included unless their input was important to the result. However, it is required that the Facility be acknowledged; see below.

While not a major sponsored facility, operational principles of the Jupiter Laser Facility are similar to those of large, DOE Office-of-Science-supported facilities. JLF is an open-access facility and an important consideration in evaluating proposals for time at JLF is scientific and technical merit, as most of the work performed at JLF can be published in the open scientific literature. As a matter of policy, users of the Jupiter Laser Facility are strongly encouraged to publish or otherwise inform the scientific community of the results of work performed at JLF. A measure of the effectiveness of JLF is the number and quality of publications stemming from work at the Facility. Authors should take note of the following requirements.

Acknowledgement Requirement

The following acknowledgment statement must be included in all published reports of work conducted in whole or in part at JLF:

The use of the Jupiter Laser Facility was supported by the U.S. Department of Energy, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, under Contract No. DE-AC52-07NA27344.

Reporting Requirement

Authors of all work published in the open literature that involves JLF, whether in whole or in part, are required to report the work to the JLF Director. For non-peer-reviewed documents, inform the JLF Office of title, author list, and publication vehicle. However, for peer-reviewed journal publications that involve Jupiter, a copy of the document is required. (JLF maintains a compendium of such peer-reviewed journal publications.) After a journal article is in print, send a pdf copy of the published journal article (not a preprint) to the JLF Director.

Work at JLF that results in a classified publication or report is exempt from the reporting requirement. However, authors are encouraged to inform the Director of the existence and, if possible, the nature of the publication. This is an important consideration for the Facility as JLF must provide annual reports on the effectiveness of the experiments. Work at JLF that results in a proprietary report is also exempt from reporting to the Facility. In all cases, including classified or proprietary experiments, the possibility of publication will be discussed at the Post-Experiment Debrief.