Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

A proposal is necessary for shot time allocated on the Titan, Janus, and COMET laser platforms at the Jupiter Laser Facility (JLF). The CY2019 shot period is June through November 2019. Experiment time will be allotted in four-week experimental run periods, with one-week maintenance breaks between experiments. The schedule will be determined after proposals have been selected.

Titan and Janus experiments are generally expected to run for four weeks, although the JLF Proposal Review Committee will consider alternative shot time requests. Shot time requests for COMET can be any number of weeks, although no-shot maintenance weeks between normal run periods may be retained.

The JLF User Program is open to all qualified applicants; US and non-US principal investigators (PIs) are welcome to submit proposals. Using technical evaluations from experts both in and outside LLNL, proposals will be reviewed and ranked by the JLF Proposal Review Committee based on scientific and/or programmatic quality, impact, and feasibility. Typically, platforms are over-requested by a factor of two or more. Because of limitations on 2019 beam time, that ratio is likely to be higher.

To prepare a proposal, it is easiest to download a template using the link below. Use the template sections as a guide. Strict adherence to the format provided is not necessary; a free-form narrative is fine, although the easiest way to complete the proposal is by replacing template text instructions and examples (in blue) with the appropriate proposal content. Whatever form you choose, the proposal should be five pages or less in length, not including two-page CVs or any supplementary information.

When you are done, create a pdf file and label it “PI_JLF19_Platform”, where PI is the last name of the corresponding submitter and Platform is the requested laser (Titan, Janus, or COMET). If requesting more than one laser platform, use “Multiple” for Platform. If the same PI submits more than one proposal, please create unique filenames. Email the file to Robert Cauble, cc’d to Beth Mariotti.

If you have questions about this process, contact Robert Cauble.

If you have hardware- or capability-related questions, contact the JLF Manager Brent Stuart.

The FY2019 proposal submission deadline is December 2, 2018. FY2019 allocation decisions will be announced and a schedule constructed soon after the deadline.


CY19 Proposal Template (Word) 

CY19 Proposal Template (PDF)