Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

  • All JLF participants must comply fully with all LLNL safety regulations and procedures by becoming a Registered User of the facility.

  • All JLF participants must complete available LLNL safety training:
    1. HS5200-W Laser Safety
    2. HS4258-W Beryllium Awareness
    3. HS4261-W Lead Awareness
    4. HS5220-W Electrical Safety Awareness
    5. HS6001-W General Employee Radiological
    6. HS4245-W Chemical Hazards Communication
    7. HS4686-W PPE
  • To access these training modules link here [LTRAIN] from inside LLNL, or here from anywhere.

  • All JLF participants must read and sign the appropriate facility IWSs:
    1. #12639 for Janus/Titan/COMET
    2. Any other IWS specific to participant's activity.

  • All JLF participants must attend a Policy Briefing and a Safety Orientation. Please contact Beth Mariotti at 925-424-3396 to set these up.

  • For those with access to the LLNL internal server, please contact Beth Mariotti to have your name added to an IWS to complete the Read & Sign procedure online. Others please contact Beth Mariotti to read and sign a hard copy of an IWS.

  • All equipment entering B 174 must be UL approved or, otherwise, AHJ approved.

  • LLNL Stop Work Policy: Anyone who is concerned with work safety can request immediate stop work action.